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There isn't a person alive on this planet who doesn't know that green tea is good for weight loss. Many dietary products have included it in their formula, it is always recommended to drink green tea when going on a diet and the list of benefits this … [Show More...]

Using diet patches is a relatively new way to get rid of excess weight, although it gives great results. Some say that patches are much more effective than diet pills, why is that? When we use diet pills, only around 5-10% of all the ingredients … [Show More...]

Not many people had heard about Yacon Syrup before Dr. Oz featured it in his show as a new product to help overweight people to shed some pounds off without changing their lifestyle. Today, it is one of the most popular diet products, but not only … [Show More...]

Fat burners are a special type of dietary supplements that help you get rid of your stored fats and make you lose weight. What they do is that they help your body to break down fat deposits quickly and burn them as energy. Fat burners work in … [Show More...]

Fat binders help you lose weight by binding fat molecules that you get from food without allowing them to be absorbed in the body. Most of the time, fat binders are available as diet pills. You can find products that only work by binding fats, but … [Show More...]

Appetite suppressants are diet products that aim to take away your hunger, make you feel full and keep food cravings under control. Usually, they come in the form of diet pills, but there are also drinks, patches and powders. There are two types … [Show More...]