5 Tips To Curb Your Appetite

Keeping your appetite under control is not easy but we have 5 tips here for you that will definitely help.

1. Choose Appetite Suppressing Foods

There are several foods that curb your hunger and make you full longer. Most foods that contain lots of fibres will do that – for example whole grain products, beans, nuts, etc. Dark chocolate is another thing that may reduce appetite, but only if you have a small piece of it. Water could work as well, especially if you keep drinking it throughout the day. Not only does it keep you full, it also boosts metabolism and cleans your body from toxins.

2. Keep Your Mind Of Food

Sometimes it may be easier said than done, especially if you have to see and smell food every day. Maybe working at a restaurant is not a good idea. However, if you engage in something interesting enough to keep you occupied, you can go for hours without eating.

This strategy is also good for times when you get sudden food cravings. Find something to keep you busy – call your mother to tell her about your week, play your favourite computer game or work on some difficult project at work. If you can manage it for 15 minutes, your cravings will have passed.

3. Work Out

Regular exercise makes your brain release a hormone that decreases hunger. If you keep working out for 20 minutes every day, this effect will be permanent. You will eat less even though you are exercising. Exercise is also a good way to distract yourself when feeling hungry.

4. Keep Food Out Of Sight

You know what they say – out of sight out of mind. This also applies to food. Don’t keep food in the drawers at your workplace, only have healthy snacks in your fridge at home. Never have more food in your house than you can eat in a day or two. Don’t look at the windows of restaurants where food is displayed. There is no need to read cooking magazines or online articles, unless you are looking for low calorie healthy recipes.

5. Use Appetite Suppressants

When all else fails, there is one last thing you could do and that could even work out better than any of the above recommendations. Natural appetite suppressants are dietary supplements you can take to reduce your hunger and appetite, keep cravings under control and reduce snacking.

These supplements release a certain hormone in your brain that makes it believe that you are full. If you take a pill before your meals, you will eat less and choose smaller portions. It will also keep you full in between meals.

There are a number of appetite suppressants available in the market, however, not all of them work very well. Some lower quality ones may even do more harm than good. To save you from that, we decided to review a number of the top selling appetite suppressants in the market. We looked at their user feedback, reputation, ingredients, doctor endorsements, price and guarantees to determine which products are better than others.

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