Appetite Suppressing Foods

Are you rushing to the fridge every time there is a commercial on TV or maybe you can’t pass the vending machine at your office without slipping in a coin to get your favourite chocolate bar? Are you hungry all the time and all this eating is starting to show on your hips and belly? Then it’s about time to fix it. Let us give you a list of some appetite suppressing foods that should help you tame your hunger and get through your day without eating too much.


¬†This is the easiest way to control hunger. Water makes you full, especially if you keep a bottle near and keep sipping throughout your whole day. Sometimes people confuse thirst with hunger. If you feel hunger creeping up on you, take a glass of water and see if that works. Most likely you won’t be needing that sandwich after all.


Caffeine is quite effective in curbing appetite. Drink a large mug of strong black coffee, or if coffee is not your thing, green or black tea will work just as well. Avoid extra calories and don’t put sugar or milk in your drink.


Some say that apples make you fat, but they also reduce appetite. There must be something to it, since apples are always found in advertisements that promote weight loss. They don’t really have too many calories in them, but they contain plenty of pectin, which is a natural appetite suppressant. Apples are also high in fibre which makes sure you feel full for a long time after eating an apple or two. Just don’t go overboard, 1-2 apples is perfect, but having 10 of them may indeed make you gain weight.

Dark Chocolate

What a sweeter way to tame your hunger than by eating chocolate. Dark chocolate is proven to curb appetite. You shouldn’t eat too much though, a small square or two is perfect. Keep it in your drawer at work so that every time you feel like visiting that vending machine again, you just nibble on the chocolate instead.

Soups And Salads

These may not exactly work as appetite suppressants but they do make you full with just a small number of calories. Whenever you are about to have a large fattening meal, start by taking a salad or a soup as an appetizer. This way you will eat only half of the main course and save a huge number of calories.

While most of these foods do work, they only take your appetite away for a short time. If you want something that lasts longer and suppresses your appetite for the whole day so you can easily eat less calories and lose weight, start taking natural appetite suppressing supplements. These contain ingredients that are scientifically proven to curb hunger and make you full for a long time.

We have reviewed a number of over the counter natural appetite suppressants and put together a list of the best ones.

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