Do Appetite Suppressants Have Side Effects?

Whenever you start taking dietary supplements you don’t want to see any side effects, except for reduced weight of course. Unfortunately, a lot of the diet pills do have various side effects – some not so bad, others even dangerous. But what about appetite suppressants?

They do have some side effects that are common. Most users don’t experience any of them, but just to be prepared you may want to know what they are.

  • Blurred vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Stomach upset
  • Dizziness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritability

Only a few people suffer from these and they usually pass quickly. However, if you are worried or the effects stay for a longer period, contact your physician for advice. You also have to contact your doctor if you notice more severe problems like chest pain, swelling, urinating difficulties, pounding heart or breathing problems.

How To Stay Safe

Here are some precautions you could take to avoid any of the above side effects. If you suffer from high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes of glaucoma – consult your doctor before taking pills to curb your appetite. Also, it’s not allowed to use appetite suppressants while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Sometimes your diet supplements may interact with other medicines you are taking, especially with drugs that regulate blood pressure, MAO inhibitors or other diet pills. If you are consuming high amounts of coffee and other caffeine products or stimulants, you may see some side effects as well.

Natural Appetite Suppressants Are Safer

Most of these side effects come out with prescription drugs, natural appetite suppressants don’t normally cause any problems. We suggest you give natural supplements a try before you ask for a doctor’s prescription. The newest natural appetite suppressants use advanced formulas and their effect is comparable to any prescription drug – if not better.

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