How Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

Like the name says – appetite suppressants are dietary supplements that suppress your hunger. But how do they do that?

Basically, these pills can help you manage how much you eat and how many calories you consume each day. They make you less hungry, take away cravings for junk food and make you full faster. The best appetite suppressants make sure you don’t even think about eating between your meals. Also, your food choices will be healthier, you don’t crave for foods that are full of empty calories, fats and carbs. Chips, bakery, candy and greasy fried foods won’t be your favourites any more.

Most appetite suppressants work in your brain. They increase the level of serotonin, which is a hormone that regulates both your mood and hunger. You will feel less hungry but also better overall. Since your brain believes you have already had all the food you can eat, you simply can’t reach for another piece of pie or get a second helping.

Some appetite suppressants work differently. Most prescription drugs that are meant for overweight people also curb appetite, but instead of making you think you are full, they do make you full. They have special fibres in them that when in your stomach start absorbing water and getting bigger and bigger, soon filling up most of your stomach. Now there is less room for any real food and this results in reduced appetite.

A few of the supplements have both powers and more – they trick your brain, fill your stomach but also give you energy, help you burn calories faster and maybe even bind fats from foods you eat.

Which of the three types of appetite suppressants you choose is up to you, just do your research beforehand. Make sure you buy from a reputable company, check out the ingredient list, see if user feedback is good and if they have a money back guarantee.

We have researched a number of appetite suppressants and put together our own list of top rated products.

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