How To Suppress Appetite Naturally?

Too much appetite, especially for junk food, sweets and white flour products ruins any diet. If you can’t stay away from all that is unhealthy and makes you overweight, you need to find something to keep you from craving for these foods. There are many ways to suppress appetite naturally.

Appetite Suppressing Foods

There are some foods you could eat that have the power to reduce hunger and make you full without too many calories. We suggest you start with water. Often people don’t realize that they are thirsty, not hungry. Drinking a glass of water may take the hungry feeling away and you can go another hour or two without food.

Soups, salads and other low calorie foods also act like appetite suppressants. Well, they don’t really take the appetite away, they just fill you up. A medium size green salad or a bowl of soup makes your stomach full and only gives you 100 calories.

If you need something sweet and no salad will satisfy you, take a piece of dark bitter-sweet chocolate. Dark chocolate is a known appetite suppressant that takes away cravings, keeps you full longer and is good for weight loss.

Exercising Curbs Hunger

It may seem weird, but even though you burn a lot of calories while exercising, it also suppresses your hunger and doesn’t make you eat more. First of all, working out releases endorphins into your brain. These “feel-good” hormones make you happy and you don’t need food to feel that way any more.

Exercise also keeps you busy so you don’t have time to feel bored and start eating out of boredom. If you have nothing to do and are wondering if you should grab something from the fridge, take a walk instead. It will burn calories and make you forget about food.

When you are working out and putting in a good effort, you get thirsty. Since you drink a lot during and after exercising, it fills your stomach and creates that “full” feeling. Unfortunately, this passes quickly.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

There are also dietary supplements that are 100% natural and can be listed under natural appetite suppressants. When prescription drugs often contain chemicals and other man-made ingredients that come with a list of side effects, these natural supplements are completely safe.

They are made of the best appetite suppressing herbs and plants found on earth. The best natural appetite suppressants come with proven to work ingredients, excellent customer feedback, endorsements by doctors and a cash back guarantee.

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