Fucus+ Patch Review

Fucus+ Patch Review

fucus patchesFucus+ patch is yet again another diet patch in the market that claims to be the best and help you shed those extra pounds quickly. Since this product uses different ingredients than most others and comes with a reasonable price tag, we decided to review this patch for you.


According to the manufacturer, Fucus+ patch can:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Suppress appetite
  • Give energy
  • Burn fats 24/7

How Does It Work?

The ingredients of this transdermal patch are absorbed through the skin and go straight into the blood stream. This ensures that over 95% of the nutrients are put to good use in helping you burn more calories and break down fat deposits.

Fucus+ weight loss patch energizes you for the whole day, so you can be more active, work out and never feel tired. It gives a boost to your metabolism so you start burning calories faster, which is the basics of weight loss.

Like other similar patches, it works around the clock. You only need to apply one in the morning and its nutrients will gradually be absorbed during 24 hours until you replace your patch with a new one.

Ingredients And Side Effects Of Fucus+ Diet Patch

There are 2 main ingredients in the patch.

Fucus Vesiculosus is what the patch has been named after. It is responsible for breaking down fats and suppressing your appetite. Fucus extract has been used in traditional medicine for generations, and it is especially known for its weight loss benefits.

Green Tea is a known ingredient in many diet products. It is a stimulant that makes your metabolism work in full power, burning those calories faster than before. Green tea also gives energy and can enhance your mood.

There are two more ingredients that play a smaller role, but are nevertheless an important part of the patch – Acai Fruit Extract is a known antioxidant that boosts weight loss and Acrylates/Va Copolymer is used as an adhesive.

No side effects have been noted.

User Feedback

There seem to be quite a lot of happy users as there is plenty of feedback available. Unfortunately, most of it is found on the manufacturers or supplier’s website and we can’t take it as pure gold. For every 10 positive reviews there was one dissatisfied customer.

While most people managed to lose weight, some didn’t see any improvements and considered it a waste of time and money.

Will It Work For You?

The manufacturer claims that according to their survey, users managed to lose around 3 lbs per week with this product. While this is a realistic number, there is no guarantee that it will work for you. Since there doesn’t seem to be any money back guarantee, you have to take your chances with Fucus+ patches.

Still, we believe that the ingredients are promising and with some work on your part, getting results is more than likely.


Fucus+ patch is a little different from other diet patches, especially since it only contains 3 weight loss ingredients. However, all three seem powerful enough to help your weight loss along.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find too much info and feedback from different sources and must settle for what the manufacturer says on their website (which may be more promotional than true). Still, we believe Fucus+ can be a successful weight loss aid, especially if your expectations are not too high. The makers don’t give you a cash back guarantee with this product, so you just have to take your chances.

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