Size Zero Slim Patch

Size Zero Slim Patch Review

size-zero-slim-patchThis diet patch makes the most impressive claims. According to the manufacturers, it’s possible to lose up to 60 lbs in just one month without any diet or exercise! We just had to research this product further to find out what is it all about.


There are all kinds of amazing benefits listed on the makers website and in online ads. Here is what is claimed:

• Fast weight loss, up to 10-15 lbs per week
• Appetite suppression
• Quick fat burn
• Superfast metabolism
• Lots of energy and improved mood

Sure looks good, but we don’t really know if it’s really possible. Let’s go on with our review.

How Does It Work?

When you use this patch, ingredients are slowly released 24/7 and they go through your skin to reach even the thinnest blood vessels and the most remote fat deposits. While this is what all other patches do as well, Size Zero Patch makers say that they have discovered a new and revolutionary method of releasing the powers of the patch even more efficiently.

Ingredients And Side Effects Of Size Zero Patches

What we don’t understand about this product is why haven’t the manufacturers disclosed the formula that their product contains. We didn’t find any information about the ingredients in this patch. That’s a major drawback, how can be believe all these claims if we don’t even know what we expose our body to?

Since we don’t know the ingredients, we can’t know the side effects either. People with allergies to different herbs and substances should be extra careful when using something like this, you never know what kind of effect it can have on you.

User Feedback

Other than all those beautiful before and after images and huge claims on the manufacturers website, we didn’t find any real user feedback. We do not know if the product delivers or not.

Will It Work For You?

We have no idea whether or not it can really work. We don’t know what are the ingredients, we don’t know what other users have said, and we cannot recommend a product like this.

If you still decide to buy and use it, we would like to know your feedback.


All we can say about Size Zero Slim Patch is that it comes with a lot of hype but no proof to back any of this up. We can’t recommend it and don’t think you should use any products from any manufacturers who haven’t even disclosed the ingredients they have included in their formula.

If you want to know which the best diet patches are with proven formulas and positive feedback,