Does Proactol XS Work?

Proactol XS An Effective Weight Loss Product

Only slim and healthy people are considered beautiful and attractive in our today’s society. This is why thousands of diets, pills and supplements have been created, all to help you get thin and lose weight fast. There is one problem though, the majority of these methods do not work, with some even causing serious health problems and side effects. 99% of the products don’t work as claimed by the advertisements, that’s why it is important for you to research each product and find one that is safe and proven to be effective.

One of the rare supplements available that meets both criteria is Proactol XS. A large number of customer reviews and clinical studies can be found to give you some confidence that this product does exactly what it claims, and does it well.

Effective Yet Simple

Proactol Plus works in a very simple way, it binds fats and makes you feel full longer. You will eat less as it suppresses appetite. Proactol contains non-soluble fibres that have binding properties. What it means is that unneeded fats can now pass right through without absorbing in the body. Studies have shown that this alone makes your body absorb 30% less fats from the food you consume. There are many happy users who are glad to testify that the product really does work.


Most supplements promise instant weight loss, which can be a problem. People who don’t see any results from the recommended dosage, start taking more than they should, this can lead to developing bad side effects and there will still be no significant weight loss. When looking for supplements, always choose something that similarly to Proactol XS only promises that you will lose weight gradually over a period of time.

Benefits Of Proactol

• There are several non-soluble and soluble doctor-recommended fibres in the formula. These bind fats creating a substance that resembles a gel that fills the stomach leaving less space for food.
• The supplement controls hunger and suppresses appetite.
• Since the body now does less work to absorb fats, metabolism gets faster.

Everybody has though about losing weight at some point in their lives. All weight loss specialists agree that in order to succeed, it’s important to combine regular exercise, a healthy diet and a safe and natural dietary supplement such as Proactol Plus. When you follow this plan, you will achieve long term weight loss and keep the pounds from coming back. There are no side effects other than occasional constipation or minor bloating at times.

Clinical Studies Behind Proactol XS

There have been fourty different studies which have all shown that Proactol does help people lose weight when the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. There was an in-vitro gastrointestinal study in 2001 that showed 28.3% body fat loss. A TNO study that compared Proactol XS to Chitosan also found the same reduction of body fat – 28.3%. Another, CERN in-vivo study in 2003 showed 27,4% loss in body weight. Last but not least, another TNO American breakfast study reported fat reduction of 23%.

All these studies showed that Proactol XS has a positive effect on body weight with average weight loss being over 25%. Some users claim to have lost more than 10 lbs in just one month and that they have managed to keep it off.

Read more about Proactol XS medical studies here


Proactol XS is among the best and most effective dietary supplements available today. There are many testimonials and clinical studies that back up all the manufacturer’s claims. The supplement is safe to take and easy to use. If your weight is causing you problems, simple dietary changes, some exercise and taking Proactol Plus can give you desired results. Still, if it should happen that Proactol Plus does not work, you can take advantage of their 180-day cash back guarantee which makes your purchase totally risk free.



  1. Андрей Павлов says:

    I tried a lot of pills and packages to loss my weight. But, Proactol is the
    real one which I was looking for. It helped me to lose weight within 4
    weeks. Besides of these, I did not get any stretch marks for which I was a
    lot worried. Thanks a lot.

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