Does XLS Medical Work?

xls_medicalPeople take diet pills as they want to lose weight, but even with all the promises and claims, most of these products fail to work. They either have no effect whatsoever or they only help you a little bit, and even that comes after hard work, dieting and exercising. Fortunately there are still some pills that do work and can help you achieve your weight loss goal, but is XLS Medical one of them?

XLS Medical is claimed to help your body bind up to 27% of fats from food, cutting your calories and triggering weight loss. This effect is achieved by using prickly pear cactus leaves in the formula. This is the science behind the product, but whether or not it really works can only be seen by checking out user feedback and seeing if there have been any clinical studies.

Clinical Trials

There have been several clinical trials and studies to prove the safety and efficiency of XLS Medical. All of the studies have show that the product does give results and can help you lose weight. Even the Obesity journal by The Obesity Society has acknowledged the results of these trials and the benefits of the diet supplement.

In one study, a group of overweight volunteers were given Litramine (active ingredient in XLS Medical) and their daily calorie intake was cut by 500 calories. Another group also went on the same diet, but didn’t take Litramine. The results showed a 3 times faster weight loss on those who used Litramine.

In another study, obese individuals managed to maintain their weight much better when taking XLS Medical. Which again proves it’s benefits on weight loss and health.

Testimonials And User Feedback

Besides excellent study results, another indicator about whether a supplement is working is the feedback that users leave. XLS Medical has plenty of positive feedback where users report weight loss and other health benefits. Still, there are also reviews that are not that good, some people are rather disappointed with the results and feel that the product was not worth their investment.

The average feeling is still quite good and XLS Medical has become a popular diet product for many overweight or obese people.

XLS Medical in the Media


Studies and user reviews show that XLS Medical can and will help you lose weight and that it does work. It may not be the cheapest product or give the best results, but it does give results.

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