Capsiplex Review

‘Power-up’ your exercise regime and burn up to 278 more calories before, during, and after exercise

buy capsiplexThey say that if you can exercise more regularly then that’s the key to losing weight. However, it’s not always as simple as that. Sometimes, no matter how regularly you engage in physical activity, that stubborn excess weight just doesn’t seem to disappear.

Not only is this frustrating, it can also be depressing. If you are doing everything right and engaging in exercise, you deserve to be rewarded with weight loss.

That’s why Capsiplex can be the catalyst you have been searching for. It doesn’t just make exercise easier to maintain for longer, it actually increases the number of calories you burn whilst participating in any form of physical activity – even walking!

Some of the key benefits of Capsiplex include:

  • Makes exercise more effective for weight loss
  • Helps your body burn up to 12 times more calories
  • Melts away fat through a scientific thermogenic process
  • Clinically proven and used by major celebrities
  • Burn 278 more calories before, during, and after exercise

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What is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is something of a break-through in weight loss products. Scientists have long known that the capsicum chilli pepper has some very significant weight loss boosting properties. However, the challenge has always been how an effective dosage can be administered through traditional methods.

Thanks to a patented matrix of excipients and coatings, Capsiplex has finally solved this problem to the excitement of many medical professionals around the world.


The Capsiplex pill consists of several different layers, designed to remove any irritation and ensure the correct ingredients are released at the right time during the digestion process. For example each tablet has a special PH sensitive coating which prevents the tablet from being absorbed by your stomach, instead only activating once it reaches your intestine.

This ensures that rather than being digested, the key active ingredients can get straight to work in your bloodstream to ensure maximum effectiveness without any risk of side effects.

How Does Capsiplex Work?

capsiplex ingredientsThe main active ingredient in Capsiplex is a chilli pepper known as capsicum. Clinical studies have shown than this one little pepper works wonders at speeding up your metabolism and encouraging your body to burn calories more quickly.

It does this through a thermogenic process which basically means it raises your core body temperature slightly. Whilst you will hardly notice the change, it has a big impact as your body starts to burn fat more quickly. The process also helps to suppress your appetite to make you feel fuller for longer, thereby allowing you to eat less and consume fewer calories.

During clinical trials it was found that Capsiplex helps to enhance the effect of any exercise you do by burning up to 278 more calories before, during, and after exercise. This is the equivalent to an extra 25 minutes of jogging at 6mph, or to put it another way, 2 chocolate chip cookies.

This gives you multiple different approaches to fighting your excess weight and instantly makes the exercise you already do more effective.

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Capsiplex Success Stories

Having sold to well over 50,000 customers, Capsiplex has no shortage of positive user testimonials. Below you will find a small selection of the many available:

Disclaimer: People react differently to weight loss products. So you may not lose as much weight, or you might lose even more weight than people who have sent us their testimonials.


After struggling to lose the additional weight after having my daughter, I simply gave up, until I was introduced to Capsiplex via a recommendation. I could not believe that by simply taking one Capsiplex per day that I would be on the path to reaching my perfect figure.

I often snacked between meals but I now find the desire to do this has disappeared although, with Capsiplex there is room to give into that occasional temptation! Now that I have met my target of a perfect size 8, I have decided to continue using Capsiplex as part of my daily routine knowing that it is safe to indulge in that heavenly treat due to Capsiplex burning a further 278 calories per day.

Not only are all my friends and family commenting on how fabulous I look, I can honestly say that I feel healthier and happier within myself. I have gained a substantial amount of additional energy and confidence, creating an active lifestyle rather than feeling sluggish as I often used to.

I have always been someone that loves fashion and looking my best but shied away from wearing those tight fitting dresses that are currently all over the high street. Now I can’t wait to shop and find that there is so much more for me to choose from. Evenings out have now become something that I really look forward to.

My daughter loves her new mummy as does my partner, so I think it is safe to say that Capsiplex has certainly been life changing for me!


At 34, I had a revelation. I was almost 35 years old and my body was not what I dreamed. I realized that my body was no longer the same as it was when I was 20 and  I was frightened by the reflection I saw in the mirror. I wondered how I would be at 40! I then discovered Capsiplex and then after taking it for 12 weeks I had lost just over 59 lbs!

In the first month of using it I lost just over 18 lbs!

Thank you so much Capsiplex!


I have always been overweight, but I was horrified when I found out this year that I was actually obese. Exercise has always been very difficult for me, which was explained when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Pain Syndrome.

Being obese caused the aches and pains to get much worse and exercise then just gets more difficult. I started to feel like I was 83 instead of 33! It didn’t seem to matter how healthy I ate, how much exercise I did and how much I cut down my meal portions, I was lucky if I lost 2lbs in a month.

I decided to give Capsiplex a go, and I am so glad I did! I have been taking a tablet 30 minutes before exercise, and I started to see a difference straight away! I felt like I was getting more out of the workout and I felt like I had more energy. In just over a month I have lost 11lbs which is incredible!

This is the first time I have lost weight like this.

I have lost 42lbs so far!

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight or manage their current weight. It is doing wonders for me already and now my lifestyle is changing for the better!

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Capsiplex – Endorsed by Celebrities

Having been featured in some of the leading news and magazines both in the UK and abroad, you may already have read about the success of Capsiplex before.

Infamously it sold out within 3 days of going on sale as people rushed to take advantage of the new clinically proven science that was behind the product. Needless to say, this led to several key celebrities trying out the product and reporting their findings back to the media:


 Nicola McLean talking about her experience.



Now you have a chance to use the exact same product celebrities are using to get back in shape. Best of all there is no ‘celebrity price tag’ – Capsiplex is affordable for virtually everyone.

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Capsiplex is Clinically Proven

Its one thing making claims about how a product can help you lose weight but it’s another thing being able to prove it. Unlike many diet pills, Capsiplex has been proven to work in clinical trials (here).

The 278 extra calories you can expect to burn is not a figure that has been plucked out of thin air. Those are actual figures from the clinical trials than have been conducted to show for certain that Capsiplex is effective. The key findings of the trials were that users of Capsiplex can expect:

  • 3 times as many calories burnt before exercise
  • 3% more calories during exercise
  • 12 times more calories for up to one hour after exercise

This combines to an impressive average of 278 calories more than the participants of the study who were in the placebo control group. Additionally Capsiplex helped to improve oxygen intake and flow and users did not report feeling as though they had exerted any extra energy.

This makes Capsiplex a powerful addition to the weight loss plan for anyone who wants to make exercise more effective without having to increase the time or intensity of activity.

Start Burning More Calories

Every time you are exercising without Capsiplex you are not maximizing the amount of calories you burn. Without any extra effort you could burn 278 more calories just by taking one pill a day.

When it’s put like that it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t start using Capsiplex isn’t it? So, take action today and start turning your body in to a more efficient, calorie burning machine to shed that stubborn excess weight for good.

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