How To Keep Your Weight Under Control Around Christmas?

Christmas is one of the busiest times, but does it mean that all this running around will help you melt away your extra pounds? No, just the opposite. As we are visiting friends and family, entertaining guests, taking part in several Christmas parties and dinners, we eat way more than we burn with being active.

Most of us also love cooking traditional desserts like cookies or gingerbreads plus there is lots of candy around, and since we are so busy all the time, it is much easier to reach for the cookie jar than it is to prepare a healthy salad for a snack.

Christmas dinner tops it all. While studies say that there are only 1,000 calories in an average Christmas meal, it doesn’t seem right. Maybe they haven’t included appetisers and desserts which give the most calories. And then there are drinks as well – a glass of eggnog alone is more than 200 calories.

If you are having turkey for Christmas, know that it’s not too bad calorie and nutrient wise. There is a good amount of proteins in the turkey and it’s low on calories. However, all what goes with it contributes more. If you could pass on the gravy, the stuffing and sweet potatoes choosing only Brussels sprouts, peas and other veggies to go with your turkey, you have already made a great and healthy choice.

There are other things you could do like trying to eat more salads and lean meat which will fill you up and only take one piece of the pie or 2 cookies instead of 10. This way you can still enjoy all that’s good but you are not going overboard. Do you remember how bad you felt after eating all night last Christmas? Try to take it slower this year, not only will you do your weight loss goals a favour but you will also feel much better and enjoy the night more.

It looks good and well, but still impossible to do for many. Even those who are diehard dieters have trouble sticking to their diet and exercise plans around Christmas, and this is OK. We only have this holiday once a year and why not celebrate, even if it included celebrating with lots of food. These days, the holidays are not only about the family being together, but also about food.

If you know that dieting will not work out, start taking precautions. One of the best things you could do is to start taking fat binders. Proactol Plus is a top rated fat binder that uses prickly pear extract to block around 27% of the fats from the foods you eat and makes it pass through your body unabsorbed.

This supplement is 100% natural, doesn’t cause any side effects and what’s best of all, you can still enjoy your Christmas dinner and all the other tasty meals that are offered to you in the month of December. You don’t have to feel guilty as a big portion of the fats now doesn’t count towards your calorie intake.

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