How To Suppress Appetite Without Food?

Not eating when you are hungry and the table in front of you is crowded with bowls and platters with the most delicious foods is the hardest thing to do. Being on a diet is really tough, especially if you have to constantly keep your appetite under control and use all your willpower to stop yourself from taking a piece of cake, a chocolate bar or those chips you love so much.

There are ways to suppress appetite. This makes it easier for you to pass on all the food and hopefully not even think about eating. There are several foods that can suppress appetite, but today we are not talking about food. Let’s see if there are other ways to tame that hunger of yours.


A good way to think less about food is to think more about other things. While distraction doesn’t really curb your appetite, it sure feels that way as when you are busy, food doesn’t even come to mind. You know when you are doing something very interesting that you absolutely love doing, you discover late at night that you have gone the whole day without eating.

It’s not recommended to stay away form food the whole day, but if you keep busy, you can at least make it to your next meal without snacking in between.

Whenever you feel hunger creeping up, find something to do. Either call a friend, listen to your favourite music, play a game or dive into work at the office. Time will fly by and soon you have made to dinner time without any unhealthy snacks.


Working out is good for reducing appetite as well. For one, it is also a distraction that keeps you busy and your mind off food. But it also releases a certain hormone in your brain that improves your mood and makes you feel good and less hungry.

Another thing that exercising does is that it makes you drink a lot of water. As we know, water can fill the stomach up quickly. If you have had lots to drink, you need less food or none at all.

Exercise is also known to trigger long term appetite suppression. To accomplish that, you need to work out a little every day. This new regimen stimulates hypothalamus in your brain until it starts secreting a hormone that will inhibit hunger.

Appetite Suppressants

These come in the form of diet pills – so we can’t actually call them food and can include in this article. We recommend natural appetite suppressants that are available over the counter.

They trick your brain so it starts thinking you are full even without too much food. You will eat less, snacking is reduced and you start losing weight as the result.

There are a number of appetite suppressants in the market. Some are better than the others. Since we only want the best for our readers, we reviewed a number of top selling appetite suppressants on the market.

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