How To Suppress Cravings?

Why is it that you quit all your diets and never finish any of them? Maybe it’s your inability to look past the sweets, junk food, soft drinks and other foods that are unhealthy and a big “no no” in your diet? Everyone gets food cravings, especially when trying to only eat healthy meals. What can you do about it?

We will give you a few proven methods to keep your cravings under control.

Stay Busy

Most cravings only last for 10 to 15 minutes, rarely longer. Unless you are really hungry, you can get rid of your small cravings by trying to distract yourself for those 15 minutes. Anything could work really, as long as it keeps your thoughts away from food. For example, watch funny videos on Youtube, challenge a friend to a snooker match online, make a phone call, check your email, etc.

Avoid All Temptation

You don’t even have to fight cravings if you don’t ever get them. Try avoiding any situation where you could develop a desire for a certain food. It’s best if you don’t see, smell or talk about food.

It’s likely that you have some special foods that you are most often craving for. If it’s that hotdog that is sold near your office, don’t go anywhere if you have to pass that stand – take the other way. Also, clear up the fridge, your cupboards and other places in your house where you usually keep your special treats. You probably don’t need it so much that you are willing to go to the store to get it.

Get Rid Of Stress

Stress is what makes most of us eat too much. If you avoid situations that might stress you out, you can avoid some snacking as well. If you already have too much stress in your life, try to find a solution and deal with it. Maybe some yoga, relaxing music or a nice walk will help.

Change Your Cravings

Would you worry so much if you always craved for carrot or celery? Of course not. But did you know it is possible to replace the foods you normally crave for. It takes a little time, but even scientists and nutritionists think it’s possible.

For example, replace your daily bagel with an apple; instead of having a large ice cream in the afternoon at the office, have a Greek yoghurt instead. If you keep doing it for a few days or weeks, you get used to it and start craving for your new healthy treats instead.

Give In To Some Of Your Cravings

You will get nowhere if you stop eating everything you love overnight. It will only pay you back double in a few days as you will probably fall off the track and eat more than you should. It is ok to have a bite of something you love every now and then.

If it’s chocolate you crave for, take a piece of dark bitter chocolate but try not to eat the whole thing. A couple of cookies per day won’t do much harm either. You need something to keep you going. After all, only eating 10% of the snacks you used to eat each day is still a huge improvement.

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