Raspberry Ketone Diet


  1. court bowes says:

    Pgx helps with snacking better than the ketone. Also i would never buy from
    the internet. Its probably sugar pills.

  2. poolplayer999 says:

    you look good right now in the video. No need to lose more weight ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. ohnoyoudidn says:

    I can’t find the one you are talking about. Can you please tell me exactaly
    which one you take? You look amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wildduckcluster says:

    It all comes down to burning more calories than you take in. Eating a well
    balanced (organic & preservative free) diet & moderate (the more the
    better) exercise will help more than any pill. Also eating 5-6 small meals
    throughout the day will speed up your metabolism better than a pill.
    Looking good & nice job (although you should research the ingredients;
    you’ll be surprised {diuretic & etc…}) w/ research on ketones.

  5. valerietine says:

    Hi i CAN NOT find this exact bottle of raspberry ketone. will u please
    contact me on how to get this same product, i have tried your links w NO
    luck. valerietine813@yahoo.com Thanks. a.s.a.p. please

  6. chinaman1900 says:

    what brand do you recommend?

  7. Deb Alexander says:

    @Customgirl123 she did not say anything Dr. Oz has not said and/or anyone
    can find in a Nutrition book. It really chaps my hide that people really
    believe Doctors have solutions don’t you realize the medical profesion get
    rich from illnesses and obesity aides quite a few. STOP, PAUSE, THINK ABOUT
    IT. I agree with Wildduckcluster but this is a well presented, informative

  8. Brian Slotema says:

    And what you eat actually influences the brain so this could help. I don’t
    know if it does though.

  9. truckindawg1 says:

    Hey sharkstealfish……… You fail! That site does not exist

  10. growingneeds says:

    This pill is a good source of fibre??????

  11. courtney rowe says:

    Its Ketones…maybe you mistakingly did the Keystone beer diet?

  12. joeanncna says:

    You didnt say if it helped you loose weight and how much ?? How long have
    you been taking them?

  13. Patricia Hare says:

    This girl has never said-how much she lost if anything

  14. Raghul Subramani says:

    Have you experienced “Blazing Fat Loss”? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
    way for you to lose fat fast.

  15. dave11282 says:

    you very sexy

  16. TIP TO REDUCE WEIGHT: Turn your head to the left and then turn to the
    right. Repeat exercise when offered something to eat.

  17. Evgen Shepitov says:

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  18. karneet singh says:

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  19. Ros Smith says:

    Hey Val, thanks for the review. I’m going to try it now.

  20. Syn Drone says:


  21. shantanu deshpande says:

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  22. Michelle Wayneski says:

    There are some good benefits on the raspberry ketone TrimBe.com has this
    supplement at a good price.Raspberry ketone is a chemical from red
    raspberries (Rubus idaeus). It is most commonly used for weight loss and
    obesity. It is also used to increase lean body mass. Some people apply
    raspberry ketone to the scalp to improve hair growth

  23. Mike Dixon says:

    It worked for her but shes using this for half the purpose, to feel full.
    And people dont realize what she said. MUSCLES BURNS FAT. If you got no
    muscle guess what???? So aerobics is pointless if you dont build muscle.

  24. Mike Dixon says:

    problem 1: You have to eat meat and poultry in order to feed muscle and get
    protein to help muscle growth. problem 2: you worked out but apparently did
    some gay aerobics which doesn’t build muscles. problem 3: since you didn’t
    eat enough or any protein your body used the natural sugar in the
    raspberry. problem 4: YOUR A DUMB ASS BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T READ THE

  25. I highly recomend to watch this video before you buy raspberry ketone๏ปฟ

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