Raspberry Ketone Dr Oz


  1. EZGlutenFree says:

    Very Cool Glen, I’ve been hitting the diet trail myself since the holidays.
    When you love to cook and eat you have to stay on top of things or the
    pounds can just creep on. I wish you every success in reaching your goal my

  2. MrDorkusMaximus says:

    Glen, I’m sure you know about the following fact, but other people may not.
    Water weight. Depending on what people eat, high sodium, or low, the amount
    of water buildup will vary. I haven’t changed my diet in years. I weigh on
    the average 199 lbs. But within a two week period, my weight may swing
    between 202 lbs and 196 lbs. Perhaps I am atypical, and other people won’t
    see those types of radical swings. My point is, beware of using weight as
    the sole measure. The best measure is a tape measure.

  3. Food Porn Network says:

    30$ for how many? a month supply?

  4. The Bald Chef says:

    The Bottle has 60 Raspberry Ketone 375mg pills enough for 1 month. And if I
    lose 30 pounds, and the bottle cost 29.99 that about 1 dollars per pound
    weight loss! Not to bad of a deal. Tis is only a test I am don’t saying I
    will loose 30 pounds, that is my weight loss goal! Only the test of time
    will tell.

  5. The Bald Chef says:

    I am by no means a Doctor, food nutrition expert health nut, ( for God sake
    I have a eaters body). And I think you are right about losing water weight.
    All people are not the same and quite honestly this nutritional tablet
    could do nothing for many people, The Fact is though scientific Raspberry
    Ketone helps people lose weight, And the truth is it working for me, the
    most important thing in this test is only 8 days old in and 30% of my goal
    is completed. Water weight sure let’s see.

  6. The Bald Chef says:

    So true, and I hope for your success in your diet this year too!

  7. The Bald Chef says:

    Send me a email at thebaldchef14@gmail.com and I can show you more. In fact
    I think my next video will be on this magic water.

  8. BigMeat Sunday says:

    Oh and i should say, I wish you all the best and good luck too! have a good
    one man!

  9. The Bald Chef says:

    Thanks man, and I think you have a great plan too!

  10. The Bald Chef says:

    And I will get you that info!

  11. TheWolfePit says:

    Glenn, I ordered a bottle of 60 pills after watching your video and
    watching Dr. Oz. Keep up the good work! I tried pinging you on FB
    lastnight, not sure if you thought it was spam or not!

  12. Kim Snow says:

    Thanks for the video….

  13. The Bald Chef says:

    Will check anything out to loose weight. Thanks for the view:)

  14. Nortds Daksd says:

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    Maximizer”, but then I showed them the results. Go and google “Lean Body
    Maximizer” to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  15. JuicyMonstah09 says:

    Are you still losing weight from this program??

  16. The Bald Chef says:

    Well check out your link thanks for the comment on my Raspberry Ketone

  17. carolina4790 says:

    Hey there, I just bought this product, I hope it works for me as it did for
    you. You only ate 1 meal a day? Did you exercise? Any side effects?

  18. zzzmusezzz says:

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  20. Sammi Russell says:

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    coffee bean extract combined to remove 33 Pounds 🙂 Located on Amazon and
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  21. The Bald Chef says:

    This is great news I love raspberry Ketone but i need to find out more
    about green coffee bean extract

  22. Bestforyourhealth says:

    Which raspberry ketone product did you use because a lot are scams?

  23. The Bald Chef says:

    Got this Raspberry Ketone Tablets at GNC

  24. Mical Kevin says:

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  25. Isabella Gomez says:

    I buy RASPBERRY KETONE on Amazon that we are using amzn.to/1icxS5K and it
    is very effective. I love it.

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