Raspberry Ketone Supplements


  1. TeofilasScotter says:
  2. 20112346 says:

    thanks for the reviews. I wonder do they ship to Mexico?

  3. Charles Ramirez says:

    I noticed there are some green tea ingredients in raspberry max..will it
    caused any sleeping issue?

  4. Laraine Gregory says:

    Interesting..I saw many good reviews on the brand you mentioned..am gonna
    give it a try!

  5. Robert Frank says:

    wow..almost get into buying from the dr site. txs for letting us know.

  6. Leona1222 says:

    txs Jason..I really enjoying your video.

  7. Lanna Chitan says:

    I am actually in my 3rd weeks on raspberry diet now. am seeing some good
    results with it, so I can say it does work!

  8. TeofilasScotter says:

    Congratulation Lenna. Good to hear that you,re getting good result with it:)

  9. TeofilasScotter says:

    Thanks Leona..hope my review helps:)

  10. TeofilasScotter says:

    You,re most welcome Bob..gonna be careful nowadays.

  11. TeofilasScotter says:

    Thanks for stopping by Laraine. I am sure you just make a good move:) Feel
    free to post your results 30 days later.

  12. TeofilasScotter says:

    Actually it won;t. Raspberry ketone just have a little bit of green tea
    caffeine. So don’t worry too much!

  13. TeofilasScotter says:

    Yes..it does. it’s international shipping. Hope this helps.

  14. Susan Fortinberry says:

    Nice review. I’m using Raspberry Ketone I agree with you. This is really an
    amazing product.

  15. Tressa Novak says:

    My hubby and I implemented the GHI Brand of raspberry ketones garcinia
    cambogia extract, and green coffee bean extract in concert to lose 33
    Pounds it worked Located on Amazon and do a search for; “Global Health
    Ideas” Take advantage of the 30% discount promotional code the company sent
    me. Input code “CNWMCSMA” during Amazon Check-out Ciao

  16. Margaret Hollis says:

    My best friend down 25 pounds In a month using GHI brand of raspberry

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