Best Green Tea Brands For Weight Loss

Drinking tea can help with many health conditions including stress, cold, bladder aliments, tumors, heart disease and more. So it is no wonder that you can also drink tea to lose weight.

Maybe you don’t like taking pills, don’t have time to work out in the gym and never seem to stick to any diets, then tea is just what is needed to help your weight loss along. But not all green teas work the same.

The best green tea will not only help you with weight loss, but it will also put you in a better mood, give you energy and improve your overall health. Keeping this in mind, we took time to research some of the most popular green teas in the market to see which ones are best for weight loss…

How Green Tea Works?

Green tea has been used for weight loss for a long time, new blends have been developed to make the process even faster. There are several ways how green tea makes you lose weight.

It contains antioxidants that boost metabolism and clean the body from waste and toxins. Green tea also triggers thermogenesis, which means that it raises your body temperature increasing calorie burn. There are polyphenols in green tea. These activate an enzyme that dissolves triglyceride and doesn’t let it store fats.

Exercise is a good way how you can burn calories and lose weight, green tea gives you energy and improves your endurance so you can work out more and longer.

Who Should Use Green Tea For Weight Loss

Anyone and everyone who is trying to lose weight should include green tea in their plans. Even if you are already on a diet, work out regularly or are taking diet pills, a few cups of green tea will always benefit and speed up the results you get.

The newest blends of green tea, you can find them in our top rated product list, have more power than ever before and work as great weight loss products on their own. So if you are not keen on taking tablets, working out or dieting, tasty tea might be just right for you.

What Makes A Good Green Tea

It really depends on your preferences, whether you are looking for maximum weight loss, the best taste or affordability – there is always a brand out there just for you. However, when putting together our own ratings, we used the below criteria:

  • User feedback (both good and bad)
  • The formula, proven ingredients
  • Endorsements by doctors and celebrities
  • Reputation of the manufacturer
  • Scientific studies

Our best rated tea has it all, great feedback, endorsements, good reputation and proven ingredients. It also comes with an affordable price and great taste.

After considering all of the above, we found that the best green tea for weight loss is Tava Tea – find our full Tava Tea review here.

Expected Results

While we can’t guarantee that you will lose weight with any of our reviewed products, the best rated ones are very likely to help you shed some pounds. After all, their effect is clinically proven and all that positive feedback can’t be wrong.

But weight loss is not the only benefit of green tea, when drinking it, you also take care of your mental and physical health. We highly recommend including green tea in your weight loss plans.