What Is Green Tea?

Green tea is very popular in China, Japan and the rest of the Asia. Until recent decades, the Western world loved black tea much better, however we are now starting to see the great health benefits green tea has. Keep reading to find out what is green tea and why it is good for us.

Green tea comes from China where it is made form Camellia Sinensis leaves using oxidation. It is a part of many Asian cultures and has now reached the western world where it is used as hot and cold drinks but also in many other beverages, dietary supplements, health foods and even cosmetics.

In the last ten or twenty years there have been many studies that have dealt with the health benefits of this type of tea and it has been proven that they exist. Drinking it or using green tea supplements can lower the risk of heart disease and some cancer types, it also boosts metabolism and is good for weight loss.

Green tea contains more flavonoids than fruit, vegetables or other foods that are considered healthy. This means it has more anticarcinogenic and antioxidative properties than anything else.

How Is It Grown?

There are many ways to grow and harvest green tea, depending on what kind of outcome is desired. Some of the tea is grown in the shade and some in the sun, there are at least three harvests each year. The first picking occurs in April, May, the second one in June, July and the third one in July August. Depending on the weather, a fourth harvest may also take place.

In processing, old or modern methods are used. Some of the artisanal methods are sun-drying and pan-firing, while more modern technologies include oven-drying and steaming. After that, the tea is kept in refrigeration in huge paper bags. The final firing takes place just before the tea is blended and packaged.

History Of Green Tea

The history goes back 4,000 years when green tea was brewed during Chen Nung reign in 2747 BC. Ever since then it was used in medicine and as a beverage all around Asia. It was (and is) especially popular in China, Japan, Thailand and Korea where it has been used for centuries to control bleeding, help wounds heal, regulate body temperature and help with digestion problems.

Books on how to consume and how to use green tea for different health conditions have been written ever since the most famous one “Tea Classic” by Lu Yu during the Tang Dynasty around 600 to 900 AD.

How To Brew Green Tea The Right Way

It takes two grams of green tea to make 100ml of this amazing drink. In average, you need a spoonful of tea to make a cup of hot tea. Sometimes more is used to make especially high quality teas that have stronger taste and hopefully more benefits.

After adding tea to water, it should be left to brew anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the specific tea and how strong you want it. Usually teas that are of higher quality should steep less and on cooler temperatures, but the same tea can be used two or three times. If the water is too hot or too cold, the tea may get a bitter taste.

Is All Green Tea The Same?

Definitely not. Depending on the specific area where it grows, how much oxidation is used in making it and how it’s processed there are many different types and brands of green tea. Some of cheap and lower quality, used commonly in our homes. Others are way more expensive and of high quality, we can even call these gourmet teas which have way more health benefits than cheap green tea. There are some specialized green tea restaurants where you can buy a cup of the best tea for $30 or even more.

Also, the taste and feel of the tea differs from country to country. While most (over 80%) of the green tea in the market is produced in China, there are also a lot of great Japanese, Vietnamese and Indonesian teas, but you have probably heard of Ceylon green tea as well.

Green Tea And Weight Loss

What interests us the most is how green tea can help with weight loss. Many brands of teas have been developed for this reason alone. It is also used in many dietary supplements and a few are based only on green tea and its benefits.

While it is probably not the most powerful product for weight loss, it is easy to include in your daily routine to keep your digestion, metabolism and weight under control. Drinking 1-2 cups of green tea per day should help you maintain your weight perfectly. Read our other articles on green tea and its weight loss powers to find out more.


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