XLS Medical In The Media

If there is one diet pill that has been recently advertised in the UK more than any other, it is XLS Medical. Ever since its launch in January 2012, the brand has relied on advertising and media to get customers and sell their products.

The first campaign, “Try on your old figure again” started just a few months after the launch and was published in women’s weeklies and mainstream press. The campaign did well and soon XLS was known and quite popular among dieters and in the weight loss industry.

Soon after, more ads followed, including TV ads, paid articles in newspapers and more. Today, everybody knows about XLS Medical Fat Binder and their newly released product XLS Medical Carb Blocker.


Does All That Media Attention Make It A Good Product?

There are pills that work and those that don’t. XLS Medical is definitely one of those that do work, but is it the best? We don’t think so. Even though everyone is talking about it, it’s mostly because of all the money spent on advertising – it is not so much word of mouth and actual results that sell the product.

Some other similar products, like Proactol Plus for example, don’t have this kind of media attention but it is their good reputation, excellent results, guarantees and bonuses that bring old and new customers looking for the fat binding pill.

Maybe it’s too early for XLS Medical to do the same, after all, it has only been on the market for around two years. As more and more people lose weight with it, talk about their results with their friends and colleagues, and post online reviews, XLS may as well soon enjoy the same excellent reputation that Proactol has. But that is only if they keep providing an excellent service, quality products and keep their prices affordable (which is really not the case right now).

The Bottom Line

No amount of advertising makes a product good and worth to buy. It may, however, make it popular at first, but only if actual results will follow, the popularity will remain. We don’t know about XLS Medical yet, it sure is a promising product, but the verdict is still out on this one. As for now, Proactol Plus remains our top rated fat binder, it is a known and loved diet supplement even without all that media attention.

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