XLS Medical Vs Proactol Plus

XLS Medical vs Proactol Plus Which Is The Best Fat Binder?

XLS Medical and Proactol Plus are two proven to work fat binders that are both in the race for becoming the best and most effective weight loss supplement of the year. You probably have seen those TV ads about XLS Medical so we decided to shad a little light on XLS Medical and other very popular fat binder – Proactol Plus

Both of these clinically proven diet supplements are extremely popular and similar in so many ways, but which is the best? Let’s find out.

Similarities Between Them

Both Proactol Plus and XLS-Medical are recognized under EU laws as class 2 medical devices. Both are also proven to bind as much as up to 28% of fat. Both products can improve metabolic processes and suppress your appetite. To back up the claims, both diet pills have gone through a number of clinical studies.

Differences Between Them

While you can buy XLS-Medical in some local stores, Proactol Plus can only be purchased online. XLS-Medical is a new brand that has just recently hit the market, in the same time, Proactol Plus has been around for a while and is more established.

There are no more significant differences, both have the same kind of active ingredients (prickly pear cactus for one) and the effects they exert are also the same. As you should expect similar effects from both of them, when choosing which one to get, it really depends on other factors like overall quality, cost and reputation.

Which One To Buy?

It is very hard to know which brands and manufacturers to trust when shopping for a diet supplement. There are so many of those that make amazing promises that they really don’t fill and end up just taking your money. You have to make sure you choose the right product. That’s why we have compared the benefits of our two popular fat binders, XLS-Medical and Proactol Plus:


Results: As you can see, Proactol Plus is the winner with 6 out of 7 benefits and XLS-Medical follows with just 4 out of 7. We don’t argue that XLS-Medical is a valid choice, but it just can’t measure up and offer the same value for money and quality as Proactol Plus.

It is you who ultimately has to choose who you give your money to, but bear in mind that while there is no guarantee with XLS-Medical, Proactol Plus comes with a full 180 day money back guarantee and you get your money back if not satisfied.

Which Product Is More Effective?

If you think that the reason why XLS-Medical costs more is that it works better, it is not true. Both pills use the same kind of formula that binds fats thanks to the Prickly Pear cactus extract and both pills’ effectiveness has been proven by clinical studies. Unfortunately, XLS doesn’t give you much assistance besides some basic advice to go on a healthy diet and change your lifestyle for the better. This may work if you can do it using your willpower alone, but we have to admit, most of us can’t.

Proactol Plus comes with a free supplement to control appetite and get rid of food cravings. Long term weight loss is much easier to achieve with Proactol since it offers better value for money – you can buy 5 months supply + appetite control + 2 more free boxes + free shipping for almost the same price that you have to pay for just 3 months of XLS. You can take advantage of the £50 money back offer and up to 62% savings on Proactol Plus.

XLS claims that you can start losing weight 3 times more than with dieting alone, Proactol plus claims you can lose 20 cheeseburgers or 2lbs of fat per week! It may seem like a bold claim, but with the cash back guarantee they offer, there is nothing else to lose besides weight.

Bottom Line – Proactol Plus Is The Best Fat Binder

It is true that XLS-Medical gives a good fight to Proactol Plus, but ultimately it still falls short. When both products should give the same kind of results and have the same ingredients, it seems wiser to buy the more reputable and cheaper brand that comes with a guarantee.



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